VLAN tag un-NATed WAN connection on DD-WRT

This is a followup to my Netgear WNR3500L, DD-WRT and TELUS IPTV post.

I am using 802.1q VLAN on my Netgear switch and NAT device running DD-WRT, my whole network is behind a NAT with a separate VLAN for my IPTV. I wanted to have the ability to give unfiltered (un-NATed) network access to certain devices in my household, without having to change any wires.

The solution? 802.1q VLAN tag the WAN VLAN on DD-WRT. It was really very simple, on the Netgear WNR3500L DD-WRT uses VLAN2 as the WAN VLAN (because of the way the internals of this particular Broadcom device work.)

I simply logged into the DD-WRT interface of the device, selected VLANS tab (from the Setup tab) and checked Port 4 (which is really Port 1 on my device, which I have plugged into my 24 port switch) as Tagged, then I restarted the device. Now when I want unfettered internet access to a virtual machine, or desktop I simply add the port (either on my Netgear NAT device or my switch as tagged) to VLAN 2 and it works!