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Hydro Olympic suite angers the NDP

Hydro Olympic suite angers the NDP.

The NDP wants to know why BC Hydro spent $264,000 on a luxury suite at GM Place for the 2010 Games.

We're funding the Olympics by getting other crown corporations to buy tickets and luxury suites for the Olympics so that we come out of the Olympics without a deficit that was directly caused by the Olympics.

Oh, the joy of it it all. I knew from day one that the Olympics would cause financial hardship for British Columbians for years to come – But nobody (at first) believed me. Well, now we get to see the direct result of the Olympics and everyone has to suffer.

Please, tell me again why all of British Columbia did not get a referendum on the Olympics when we are picking up the tab for it?

Climate goal eased for B.C.'s public sector

Climate goal eased for B.C.'s public sector – The Globe and Mail.

B.C.'s Minister for Climate Action has granted the province's public sector an extra two years to meet carbon-emission targets.

I'm confused, I thought the BC Liberals were all about the environment? That's why we have the Carbon Tax, is it not? But then, I forgot it's perfectly acceptable to tax the middle class and poor, but it's not okay to tax buddies of the BC Liberals.

How can a corporation be carbon neutral? I'm sorry, but I don't buy this whole "carbon credit" scam that is going on as of late.

YouTube – Jack Layton: Party For Sale or Rent

YouTube – Jack Layton: Party For Sale or Rent.

At least Jack Layton has a sense of humour, unlike Harper and Iggy.

B.C. may force homeless indoors in cold snaps

B.C. may force homeless indoors in cold snaps.

Internal government documents show the B.C. government is drafting legislation to force homeless people into emergency shelters during extreme winter weather, according to the B.C. Civil Liberties Association.

Vancouver does not have "extreme winter weather", we have snowfall for a few days of the year and it does not amount to much. This is just another effort to sweep the problem of homelessness under the rug in time for the wonderful gongshow that is the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

Instead of legislating the problem away (and criminalizing poverty and homelessness in the process), the BC Liberals should open the mental care facilities that they closed that made most of these people homeless in the first place. Most of these people are not fit to live on the streets, nor are they capable of sustaining a job to keep them off the streets.

Time and time again it has been proven that by housing and taking care of these individuals that our police services could be put to better use, property crime would go down and society as a whole would be better off. Policing service is a lot more expensive for these individuals than taking care of them in proper facilities.

By passing a law to force homeless indoors during a cold snap, the BC Liberals are effectively making it so that homeless persons will hide in every knook and cranny they can find. This will prevent caregivers from finding them, and will ultimately lead to more deaths related to exposure. Who wants to go to jail, even if you're homeless?

On a related note, I think it would be possible to get more homeless to use shelters if they had a way to lock/tag their belongings so that they would not be stolen. Most homeless people seem to have a cart or other ways to carry their possessions which a lot of shelters will not deal with.

Oh well, I guess we should just sweep them under the rug for the Olympics, eh?

Poll: 42% of Vancouver Point Grey voters would recall Campbell

Poll: 42% of Vancouver Point Grey voters would recall Campbell.

A B.C. Federation of Labour news release this morning cited a new Environics Poll showing 42 percent of voters in Vancouver Point Grey would sign a petition to recall Campbell, including a quarter of those who voted for him in May.

Suppressed Texas Instruments cryptographic signing keys

This are the OS signing keys for different Texas Instruments calculators. The key for the TI-83 calculator was first published by someone at the forum in this message: He or she needed several months to crack it. The other keys were found after a few weeks by the community through a distributed computing project. The keys make it possible to sign your own operating system for the Texas Instruments calculators.

Texas Instruments now contacted several people with a DMCA notice to take down the keys from their websites. Some of the websites which got a DMCA notice are:, and One of these DCMA notices can be found here:

Here are the three keys:

TI-83 (Plus):


TI-84 (Plus):

prp77 factor: 67070508990537181066342707695603050521324524613874331879259881495826493920589
prp78 factor: 186923771200711284770368041572205320486346816476524340240220962467860568859381



prp76 factor: 2231124525637629443181963045297394875470510167130210300957267082210173784611
prp79 factor: 3226885534240147415018248397410101286362761128614350056368675111071170873486957

(these are factors of 71995834568684773636720438651160472297127884480206535156843307841378050889714332