Differences between various HTC Vision (Desire Z/G2) builds

There are a number of different builds for HTC Vision (aka HTC Desire Z, T-Mobile G2) which are distributed by various carriers and HTC itself, they are as follows:

  • WWE (World Wide Edition)
  • TMOUS (T-Mobile USA)
  • Asia (HK, India, TW)
  • Hutch AUS (Australia Vodafone)
  • BellMobility WWE

Each build has different features, and different /system/build.prop which varies from setting the GPRS Class of the device to power saving features and ability to use no SIM card on the device.

I've been working on discovering the differences between various builds to find out why one build or another uses less power. One of the key factors in controlling a build of HTC Sense/ASOP is /system/build.prop on Android.

Currently I have written a script to compare the different versions and spit out a CSV which I can then export to a Google Spreadsheet. It's certainly interesting to see the differences between the various carriers and regions, especially in terms of wireless restrictions (like Bell Mobility disabling Fast Dormancy in their build.)