RE: Motion B6 – Don't Feed the Wildlife

My letter to City of Vancouver council regarding Motion B6 – Don't Feed the Wildlife.


I do not support Motion B6 – Don't Feed the Wildlife, submitted by Pete Fry.

The proposed ban is overly broad, and unnecessary. There is already a Park Board bylaw on banning feeding wildlife in our parks, which is the advertised target of this motion.

The City and Park Board should enforce existing bylaws, instead of adding new ones. And, when necessary, work with the province on enforcing laws against feeding dangerous animals.

Pete Fry stated that the proposed bylaw is also meant to target people who attract vermin to their properties. Does the City not have bylaws in place already that cover this? I believe they do.

Many residents in Vancouver feed the various birds in their area using methods banned with this proposed bylaw (i.e. putting out nuts while under observation in a container during the day: to prevent vermin), and use it as a way to improve their mental wellbeing, especially during COVID-19. This will unfairly target seniors and people with restricted social circles.

Please consider voting against this motion.

Thank you.

Fight against HST ramps up

Fight against HST ramps up, via CKNW.

A citizen's initiative application to kill the incoming H-S-T has been approved by Elections BC.

The initiative petition is a legally binding petition that, if successful, will require the BC government to hold a referendum on the H-S-T, or repeal it in the legislature.

I, really hope that this initiative passes. I will most likely be part of the petitioners. I do not believe that we need a "harmonized" tax that will raise the prices of a large majority of my day to day activities.

If we had exemptions like the maritime provinces do, it would be okay. But as the HST is, it's a big giant lie in British Columbia.