Actiontec releases removed from Open Source Download Area

Update on March 26th, 2011: Actiontec has put the files for V1000H back on their Open Source Download Area. The files are now missing the Broadcom userspace/private directory, and will not provide you with a working open source build out-of-the-box (missing a lot of userspace binary blobs.) The last known good release for the V1000H is 2011/01/18. Please note that this new release will cause your device to be put into an irreparable state if you flash it.

Update on September 24th, 2011: Actiontec has once again removed the open source downloads for a number of their products on their Open Source Download Area site. I have decided to republish the tarballs of the source in response to this action.

Actiontec has removed all traces of releases for the Actiontec V1000H, R1000H, and Q1000 from their Open Source Download Area. These routers are running Broadcom 96368VVW reference design which uses Linux and BusyBox, and thus under the terms of GPL the source code must be released. I e-mailed the group in charge of Open Source compliance at Actiontec, and received the following response:

We are in the middle of revamping all of those codes and until our engineering department is done they have asked that we take the old ones down. Sorry for any trouble this has cause. I do not have an ETA on when I will have them back up there. I can only suggest that you keep checking back periodically.

I have an archive of most files that Actiontec has released based around the BCM96368 reference platform, and have posted them below. This issue adds onto my already growing list of issues with Actiontec, such as posting source code that doesn't work on the device, or is missing critical drivers (eg. Ethernet, HPNA.) The reason for multiple releases with the same filename and version is that Actiontec re-releases files under the same name with changed content.

Release Size MD5 Model Description
4.02L.01 (2010/03/16) 123M 02b864cadaafb829a59754f1fc5e9329 Q1000 Current release
4.02L.03 (2010/12/06) 124M 60d4dce62b6148c3eed09b757e9cb957 R1000H
4.02L.03 (2011/01/18) 125M eb4caa8ba7d307fc2eb567e7f00e306a R1000H Current release
4.02L.03 (2010/12/06) 124M b9c1171cbb88347f2350f6d6dec2c795 V1000H Drivers missing for Ethernet, HPNA
4.02L.03 (2011/01/18) 124M 2c5f750811bfbb8f043f70095801b244 V1000H Last known "good" release. Drivers missing for HPNA, Missing Actiontec Web GUI
4.02L.03 (2011/03/24) 130M b6f379e5fdebbb8edf9b480d128a0d85 V1000H Incomplete release. Missing complete Web GUI and "private" Broadcom files (userspace/private), missing drivers for HPNA.
31.30L.55 (2011/11/01) 124M b3f9161ecbf7c8a56e97e1ac22b52c0a V1000H Unknown release. No web interface (?)

It has also come to my attention that the releases for these products have also been removed from the Qwest GPL Download site. TELUS, which also distributes the Actiontec V1000H does not make an offer available for source code under terms of the GPL.

Please view the README authored by Actiontec for more information on how to build and flash the open source release.

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