Linux 3.17 KVM, qemu 2.1, libvirt 1.2.9 experiences (and how to cleanly disable TCP checksum offload in libvirt)

Update: This issue has been resolved in kernel 3.18.10 release. The below instructions are no longer required if your distribution has updated the kernel or backported the fix. Due to latency issues that I was having with KVM and Windows 2008 R2 with Linux 3.10, I decided to update to Continue Reading

Installing Docker on CentOS 7

Install Docker via Yum yum install docker docker-registry Start and enable Docker service systemctl start docker.service systemctl enable docker.service Disable firewall (conflicts with Docker) systemctl stop firewalld.service systemctl disable firewalld.service Download images from docker pull ubuntu

New KVM deployment bugs and recommendations (Ubuntu 14.04: qemu 2.0, libvirt 1.2.4, Linux 3.10)

New Linux KVM qemu deployment, running on Ubuntu 14.04 with Linux 3.10 kernel and openvswitch. Hardware setup is 2 SSD in RAID1, and 2 7200RPM HDD in RAID1 using mdadm. bcache is being used as the backing cache for the HDD. Bugs hv_vapic ("vapic state='on'" in libvirt) causes Windows 2008 Continue Reading