Canadian copyright bill "update" just "weeks away"

The Ottawa Citizen confirms that the revised Copyright act "will be tabled in the next four weeks", this is a direct result of increased pressure from the United States and lobbyist organizations.

Increasing reliance on intellectual property by strengthing copyright laws for large corporations is not a sure way to economic success, it makes us too reliant on our ideas and not on being a industrial nation that can produce it's own goods. Canada is slowly going down the same slippery economic slope as the United States, which is a sure-fire way to create a depression.

When will the government (and the industry — mainly entertainment) realise that passing laws to prop up a failing business model will not be successful? When will the Canadian government (be it Conservative or Liberal), learn from the mistakes of our "friendly" next door neighbour?

Great Canadian Wish List: Pro Choice, Women's rights!

A contest the CBC is sponsoring: The contest is for a Wish that all Canadians want.

More than 2000 individuals (more than any other wish) have "wished" for an abortion free Canada.

The rules of the contest are the wish with the most supporters gets big time broadcast coverage on the CBC.

Now, I'm hoping you also believe in a women's right to choose and that you might take a moment to go here:

And wish that Canada would remain pro-choice.. only takes a second, no group to join, just add your name to the list. We only have until July 1.

Remember: You can make more than one wish and support as many as you'd like.

Looks like I'm back, again.

Well, here I am. Again!

I think the thought has probably crossed your mind: Why is Peter making just another site which he is going to abandon, again? And quite frankly, I really don't have an answer for you. I've just decided that it would be a good idea to collect all my thoughts in one central location. No more Xenophase Journals, Xanga, LiveJournal or Facebook. This will be my central location for blogging. I know you might not find my life very interesting (and quite frankly neither do I), but I hope that you will take some solace in the fact that my life is probably more dull, and more boring than yours.

Why Because it's easy to remember, Duh! Also – then I can be cool, It's my domain. It's short, and you don't have to remember my last name.. All you need to do is remember mn? How hard is that! Just, think of it (as Zoe puts it): "MANILA ENVELOPEEE" — There! Do you remember it now?

That being said. I think I've ran out of things to blog about today, expect me to fill this site with some deal of contact, so that you will keep coming back. Bookmark my site, put it in your RSS reader, and add it to your blog roll. If you do that for me, I'll do it for you.