Ways to write your MP about Copyright reform

Yesterday I blogged about the Canadian DMCA, and the effects it will have on the Canadian consumer — I also recommend that you write your Member of Parliament (MP) regarding the issue, here are some ideas that you can include in a letter to your MP (Modified list courtesy of Russel McOrmond at Digital Copyright Canada):

  • Pressure for this bill came largely from the United States, and does not protect Canadian interests.
  • We should be learning from the mistakes of the United States, not duplicate them.
  • Canada's copyright law is not "weaker" than the United States, just different. Canada's Copyright Act is stronger than the United States in many respects.
  • Anti-circumvention is based on flawed policy conceived before the Internet became popular. It suggests that if new technology can be abused to infringe copyright, that private citizens should not be allowed to own and control their own technology. The new economy is dependent on private citizens controlling their technology and fully participating.
  • Hundreds of Canadians have already signed the "Petition to protect Information Technology property rights" that opposes anti-circumvention legislation in Canada. Thousands have signed the "Petition for Users' Rights" which calls for balance in the legislation between the rights of past copyright holders and "users" which includes creators of new works.
  • Canada has no obligation to ratify these treaties — signing is to ratifying like dating is to marriage. We should instead be working at WIPO to amend these treaties to fix flawed thinking.
  • That all MPs need to become informed on this issue so that the future of Canada's position in the knowledge economy can be protected. This should not be left entirely to Heritage or Industry given this policy has implications across all areas of policy.

To find your MP, use the Postal Code Lookup on the Government of Canada site. Remember, sending mail to your MP is free!