"Canadian" DMCA – Worst copyright legislation in the first world

Michael Geist reports that the "Canadian" (and I put Canadian in quotes because it's exactly the same as the DMCA without fair-use provisions — an American entertainment industry bill) copyright legislation update is going to be most likely fast tracked in the new year and supported by the Conservative and Liberal (and most likely the Bloc) governments. The updated copyright legislation will be even worse than the last Canadian copyright proposal, the defeated Bill C-60.

The legislation will contain anti-circumvention clause that prohibits breaking the locks off your music and movies in order to move them to new devices or watch them after the company that made them goes out of business, or decides to stop authorizing you to watch your purchase. There will be no flexible fair-use ideals — no parody, time shifting (such as recording a TV show and watching it later when it is convenient for you), device shifting (copying a Music CD to your MP3 Player) or expanded backup provisions.

This legislation will make criminals out of most Canadians, whom participate in most of these activities on a daily basis. Please consider writing your Member of Parliament or following Michael Geist's 30 Things You Can Do about DMCA-like legislations.

Edit: I have made a post about ways to write your MP in regards to the current legislation attempt.